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Laval Senior Academy
Perseverance, Integrity, Citizenship, Achievement
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2016 June EXAM Schedule [B4414:2016-04-12]
Music Concert - June 4th 7:30pm [B4518:2016-05-26]
Awards Night at LSA [B4516:2016-05-26]

Over 100 students were recognized for their outstanding achievements in areas such as academic, athletics, community involvement and school activities.

LSA held 2 concerts this week [B4515:2016-05-20]

Music Concerts. LSA held 2 concerts this week. The Music Excellence Students performed on Wednesday and the music option students performed on Thursday along with the LSA Honour Band. Congratulations to all our students and a special thanks to our conductors and music teachers Mrs. Thomas and Mr. Simms.

Friday Night Live. LSA put on a great evening of student written skits [B4514:2016-05-20]

Free tutorials are being offered afterschool starting this month [B4476:2016-05-06]

Free tutorials are being offered afterschool starting this month.

The subjects being covered are:

  • cultural math, secondary 4 and secondary 5;
  • history secondary 4;
  • science secondary 4.

All interested students must see Linda Durocher in the administration office for the sign-up sheet as soon as possible.  First come basis.

LSA student sings at the Sir Wilfrid Laurier Spring Conference opening ceremony [B4494:2016-05-13]

LSA 2016-2017 Programs [B4482:2016-05-10]
May Calendar [B4473:2016-05-05]
May Newsletter [B4472:2016-05-05]
The LSA girls soccer team takes silver [B4367:2016-03-22]
Music Excellence Students, collectively performing as Laval Senior Academy Concert Band [B4386:2016-04-01]
LSA Honour Roll [B4489:2016-05-11]

This past week, over 41% of our student body population celebrated and were recognized with a free pizza lunch and juice at LSA....these students have been on the Honour Roll (80%) and Principals Honour Roll (90%) over two terms. One of the highest collective achievements  to date.

Word of the Day: ESCARP
Definition: (noun) A steep artificial slope in front of a fortification.

Synonyms: protective embankment.

Usage: Instead of trying to breach the escarp, the army encircled the fortress, planning to starve out the inhabitants above.

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