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Laval Senior Academy
Perseverance, Integrity, Citizenship, Achievement
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International Science Award students [B4524 - G. Spillane:2016-05-30]

LSA students at the School Board meeting receiving recognition for their International Science Awards. Congratulations to all.

Young Author's Contest supported by Laval Family Magazine. [B4529 - G. Spillane:2016-05-30]
LSA 2016-2017 Programs [B4482:2016-05-10]
Vernissage by the Ats Department. Beautiful [B4539 - G. Spillane:2016-06-03]
Unissons Nos Talents Music Concert. [B4555 - G. Spillane:2016-06-14]
LSA Music Concert [B4546 - G. Spillane:2016-06-06]
Music Excellence Video [B4547 - G. Spillane:2016-06-06]
Summer Bridge courses [B4551 - G. Spillane:2016-06-13]
LSA Challenges Graduation. [B4556 - G. Spillane:2016-06-14]
UTALK 2.1 RELEASE! ADVANCED STUDENT LEADERSHIP. [B4557 - G. Spillane:2016-06-14]
PPO [B4562 - G. Spillane:2016-06-15]
MNA donation [B4565 - G. Spillane:2016-06-16]
Art Exhibit [B4573 - G. Spillane:2016-06-22]
New murals. [B4563 - G. Spillane:2016-06-15]