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Laval Senior Academy
3200 Souvenir O., Laval
Tel. 450-686-6300
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Laval Senior Academy 2015-2016 - Pathways and Programs

Under the umbrella of the Québec Education Program, there are a number of different learning opportunities for our students, in the form of specific programs and classes.

At the cycle two secondary level we offer the following: the general education path; an applied general education path; excellence programs for students excelling in specific subjects, the semi-skilled path; the pre-work path; the Active class, a derogated course for 15 year old students, and Challenges. All of these pathways, programs and courses are described below.

For more information, and to inquire about the best education plan and placement for your child, please contact the Guidance Counsellor.

General and Applied Education Path

This path offers the core curriculum available to all students in Quebec, leading to a student's choice to move on to vocational training, college-level studies or university.

French Immersion

This is an effective way for a student to achieve the objectives of the core curriculum while becoming immersed in the French language.

Excellence Programs

Excellence programs offer students the core curriculum while allowing them opportunity to focus on their area of interest.

Work-oriented Training Path

This path is offered in work-study programs and may lead directly to the job market; under some conditions, it may also lead to vocational training programs or continued studies in general education.

Pre-work Training

The Pre-work Training program is a three year program which provides a supportive transition into work and community life. Students follow a modified curriculum according to their IEP in addition to an intensive employability component beginning in year II. Successful students receive a Prework Training Certificate issued by the MEESR (formerly MELS). If students meet certain conditions after year II, they have the opportunity to transition into the Semiskilled Trades program or Adult Education. These students are active participants in school life.

Semi-Skilled Trades

The Semiskilled Trades program is a one year program which offers an intensive focus on core Secondary Cycle I subjects (English, French and Math) and includes an internship component in a local business for one third of the year. Successful students receive a Semiskilled Trades Certificate issued by the MEESR (formerly MELS). Students may continue their academic education in the youth or adult education sectors. If students meet certain conditions, they may also transition into specific, designated vocational training/ trades programs. These students are active participants in school life.


The ACTIVE program is for 15 year old students who have successfully completed Secondary II. The program offers the opportunity for extra time and support for Sec. III level academics and includes an engaging, active career exploration component. Students will become familiar with a wide variety of trade and technological careers. Successful students will continue on to Secondary IV the following year.

Challenges: An Educational Approach that Facilitates Social Integration

An adapted curriculum for students aged 16-21 with moderate to severe intellectual impairments. Students in this classroom receive ongoing support with a core teacher and in class support.

The curriculum focuses on the core subjects (English, Math, Social Studies and Ethics) as well as social integration and preparing for the job market. Students will complete work placements in Year III, IV & V and will receive a Challenges Attestation at the completion of the program. These students

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