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Laval Senior Academy
Perseverance, Integrity, Citizenship, Achievement

About Us

CORE Values -  Perseverance, Integrity, Citizenship, Achievement

MOTTO - Embracing our Future Together


Laval Senior Academy provides a solid educational foundation to achieve both academic and personal growth. Our goal is to develop responsible citizens and life-long learners. Through a committed partnership between students, staff and community, we are dedicated to uphold diversity and mutual respect.



Laval Senior Academy is a school where all active members work together, to fulfill potential growth by teaching through engagement. We value respect and strongly believe in integrity, identity, choice and personal responsibility. Our educational programs form the basis for a comprehensive and individualized education, which prepares students for post-secondary studies. LSA is an inclusive school that offers equal opportunity, which embraces diversity and acceptance for all.



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Word of the Day: UPROARIOUS
Definition: (adjective) Marked by or causing boisterous merriment or convulsive laughter.

Synonyms: hilarious, screaming.

Usage: My brother spent the evening regaling us with uproarious tales of the pranks he and his bunkmates used to play on the other campers.

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